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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Yellow & Black Dotted Dry Water Marble Mani

For this Mani I just couldn't make up my mind on what to do.So I did a little dry water marble on two nails and dots on the other two.Hope you like it 
Fergie-Ferga Colada-I love this yellow,however it took around three coats to cover.
wnw-Black Creme

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Shiny Black & Matte Layered Mani

 Layered Mani's are one of my favorite Mani's and so simple to create.First I started with a Black Base.Any black will do.Then I applied a Matte top coat.

 Then apply your black shiny coat again,leaving a space between your polish and the cuticle.
Then just keep repeating your layers
 Then I applied some dots for the finished look

Then I decided to change it up a little so I added more dots and a clear top coat

Monday, March 24, 2014

Colorful Rainbow Dotted Mani

Since dots are one of my favorite and easiest Mani's to create,I decided to create a colorful Mani using colors from the rainbow.
I started with my base Broadway-Ascending Celine.Then applying my dots starting with the top (red)creating random sized dots.Then working my way to the tip overlapping dots to finish dotting with purple.Then I took a white polish and put dots inside of random other dots.
 Colorful Rainbow Dotted Mani

Friday, March 21, 2014

French Style Corset Nails

  1. I used my nail french tips for this design.
  2. Then I painted my nails silver using Broadway(Queen of Evening)
  3. Cut your nail strip in half,and place as shown.
  4. Then apply your black leaving a gap in between.
  5. Then I applied a white stripe above the black.Then using the tip of a pin place three dots on each side of the black.Then connect the dots making X's

Viola French Corset Nails

Monday, March 10, 2014

Layered Purple & Black

  1. Start with you base.I chose Sinful Colors-Fig-I placed a piece of scotch tape about 1/4 in. up my nail tip only because I didn't want to go to the tip of my nail with the polish.You can however go right to the tip.If you do allow for drying time in between coats,otherwise it will pull at the color underneath and pull it towards the front of the tip leaving a hump.Hope you understand what I just said.Sometimes I confuse myself! 
  2. Then apply black or whatever color you choose as your second color.
  3. Then switch to other color-Fig
  4. Then black
  5. Then fig
  6. black
  7. Then using a small nail art brush I brushed on the last color.

Then slowly pull your tape downwards.You can allow the coats to dry a tad in between,however if you wait too long the tape will leave a harsh edge and possibly pull your polish off.

Viola Layered Nail Polish Art

Then I just couldn't leave it alone so I added dots with the tip of a pin.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Graffiti Nails

Graffiti Nails is a quick Mani you can create,and the beauty of Graffiti Nails is that they don't have to be perfect,and they will still look awesome.I chose Green,Black,Pink and White.Plus you don't have to let it dry in between.I also applied a clear coat before it dryed which will kinda of smear it a little,but it doesn't matter because it gives it a better effect.
I started out with a Green Base,and Black on the Pinkie.
Then using your brush with little polish on it quickly swipe the next color on in random spots.I used Black.

Then I applied white
 Then Pink,and just some random lines of white with a nail stripping brush.

 Viola Graffiti Nails

Monday, March 3, 2014

Easy Waterfall Mani

Waterfall mani's are so pretty and so easy to create.
  1. Basically start with your base of course.I chose Spoiled-Mar-zi-penna
  2. Then using your L.A.colors art deco brush in black make some stripes going down.
  3. Then using your L.A.colors art deco in white make white stripes beside the black.
  4. Then I used Pure Ice-Sheer Luck for a touch of glitter.

Viola Waterfall Mani